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Dinosaur Rap
Dinosaur Rap
Repeat after me?

Tyranosaurus Rex! Tyranosaurus Rex!

Tyranosaurus Rex ? He was king of 'em all
Seven Tons of carnivore and 30 feet tall
He was a cold-blooded killer - He liked to eat flesh...
You wouldn't wanna mess with Mr. T Rex!

Pachycephalosaurus! Pachycephalosaurus!

Pachycephalosaurus would get in a rage
And have head-buttin' fights in the Cretacious age.
He was a thick-headed lizard, lived a long time before us,
Head Banger! Pachycephalosaurus!

Triceratops! Triceratops!

Startin' at the bottom of Triceratops
You gotta look a long way 'cause his body never stops!
Nine metres from his tail to the horns on his face
A knight in shining armor of the dinosaur race.

Parasaurolophus! Parasaurolophus!

Parasaurolophus had a tubular crest
On top of his head which made him different from the rest
Of his dinosaur friends who knew he was around
When he blew his own horn to make a bellowing sound.

Pteranadon! Pteranadon!

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It's Pteranadon!
His leathery wings measured thirty feet long.
This prehistoric fisherman would sail on the wind
Then dive and scoop up anything scaled or finned.

Apatasaurus Apatasaurus

If you hear the pitter patter of apatosaurus feet,
it really doesn?t matter 'cause he doesn't eat meat.
He eats plants and travels in a herd
If you want to say his name apatasaurus is the word

Stegasaurus Stegasaurus
You can tell a Stegosaurus from the plates on his back.
And the spikes on his tail kept him safe from attack.
At Jurassic Elementary he'd never make the grade
'Cause a Stegosaurus brain was the smallest ever made.

Short Song Description:
Learn about Dinosaurs in a fun rap song
Long Song Description:
Part of a musical for children that played festivals across Canada for 10 years
Story Behind the Song:
Educational and fun
Lyric Credits: Cook-Nosaty-Hunter
Music Credits: Cook-Nosaty-Hunter
Producer Credits: Moon Tango
Publisher Credits: Skytap Music
Performance Credits: Cook-Nosaty-Hunter
Label Credits: Lee
Song Length: 5:24
Primary Genre: Unique-Children
Secondary Genre: Spoken Word-Poetry
Tempo / Feel: Tempo Undefined
Lead Vocal: Mixed Vocals
Subject Matter 1: Dinosaurs
Subject Matter 2: Earth
Mood 1: Glad
Language: English