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The Bug Catcher

Creeping Crawling
Most Appalling
Creatures under rocks and stones
Slither Scurry
Such a Hurry
Bug eyes blinded by the bright
Frightened by uncertainty
And fleeing from the sudden light
Escape towards the prison jar
Where caught are bound to spend the night

Allright Buggies
You can?t hide from me
I?m going to get you-Wait and see
Here comes one now
Aha Gotcha!!

In the blink of a bug?s eye
I caught you fair and square
And all you other bugs out there ?of me-
You?d best BEWARE!!!!

Judy Cook
Short Song Description:
A poem about catching bugs
Long Song Description:
children go through a stage where they like to catch bugs or caterpillars in a jar and bring them inside and look at them and show them off
Story Behind the Song:
was written about my nephew and his love for catching bugs
Lyric Credits: Judy Cook
Music Credits: Hal Brolund
Producer Credits: Cook/Brolund/Posnick (Grassroots Sound)
Publisher Credits: Judy Cook
Performance Credits: Cook/Brolund/Posnick (Judy Cook and Swingset)
Label Credits: N.A.
Song Length: 1:05
Primary Genre: Unique-Children
Secondary Genre: Spoken Word-Poetry
Subject Matter 1: Insects
Subject Matter 2: Earth
Language: English