Judy Cook
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Pat and Lisa Posted: Jun 3, 2008
What a great site! You are SO much fun! Photos are wonderful ... keep those pictures and songs coming! ... Looking forward to Dinosaur book! Oh, and Lisa loves the 2 little birds, and your niece's son's diaper pants! Hope you had a good trip home ... I enjoyed meeting you. Visit CAS next time you are in T.O. and we'll write a song together!

Coral McKendrick Posted: Aug 15, 2005
We had fun on your site. We looked at all the pictures and read everything. Dave says: "Nice Pony"

I just clicked November 14, 2005 , and guess what! You're playing at my school! Kent Road Elementary. In East Elmwood. Wow.

David liked the dog song best.

YOur friends,
Coral and David

Brittani Buchberger Posted: Jan 19, 2006
I liked it no....loved it when you came to my school(Joseph Teres) and taught my classroom "Suppertime!!!"
We loved it!!!!!!!!!

kathi Posted: Mar 7, 2006
wnnipeg,mb canada
this site was so cool thankyou for coming in our school and teaching us dances bye

raena Posted: Mar 11, 2006
winnipeg mb
nice site

Rory Cook Posted: May 3, 2006
Calgary, Canada
Hello Judy, Its your cousin Rory. My parents gave me your website address. Site looks good, lots of things to look at and do. Jolly good show Judy