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JUDY COOK WINS BRONZE MOONBEAM CHILDREN'S BOOK AWARD 2015 FOR "WHEN DINOSAURS GO DANCING" -WITH ILLUSTRATIONS BY SONIA NADEAU Judy is thrilled to have won this award celebrating youthful curiosity, discovery and learning through books and reading! Find the book at Friesen Press Books or Amazon
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Back in Time Narration and Dinosaur Lullabye
Listen to the bones- they have a story to tell Their story goes back back back ...and we're there!
Listen to the wind...
The water nearby... Everybody make waves with me.
Look at the land ...The mountains in the distance.
Slowly, put your arms up in a "V" and touch fingertips withthe person next to you to make the mountains.
...Look up at the clouds gathering in the sky.
(thunder -flashes, hands clasp/shakeand makes lightning)Listen to the rainfall... (hands make rain)...
......A plant grows. (fingers grow out of hand)
Quick! Lift your feet - a small dinosaur is scurrying by. Look!
There's an apatosaurus. He's as big as 20 elephants. He wades out of the water. Lumbering through the marsh, his gigantic feet make footprints in the mud. Let's make some footprints. Go like this (make fists) and make a squishing sound. (Reach one arm up) He stretches his long neck and reaches to the tallest branch of a tree to feed. He tugs at the leaves. (hand munches)
Look! Way up in the sky - Pteranodon! Cross your hands and join your thumbs together like this, to make huge wings. (hands make bird) Now - sail on the air. Look down for something swimming in the water... Now swoop down and catch it for your lunch.(Make fish with hands) The other fish hear the splash and swim away to safety. Near the water lives a herd of Parasaurolophus. A mother gathers food for her young. (Horn sound) She hears the cry of her mate. There must be danger nearby. She calls back to him: The herd quickly forms a circle surrounding the nests to protect the babies. The danger passes and they continue their search for food.

Sleep now, little one
Don't be afraid.
Sleep now, little one
As the daylight fades.
As you're closing your eyes
The stars in the skies
Lay a blanket of light over you.
I'll always be near,
Here by your side.
Whether for one night Or a million years.
I'll always be here,
Be here with you

Rest rest rest your weary bones
Sleep now and dream the night away
Short Song Description:
a soundscape with participation hand-dance imagining going back in time with the dinosaurs
Long Song Description:
Performed all across Canada as part of an original musical called "Listen to the Bones"
Story Behind the Song:
created for a full length musical production - was scored as well for symphony orchestra
Lyric Credits: Cook-Nosaty-Hunter
Music Credits: Nosaty and Cook and Hunter
Producer Credits: Moon Tango
Publisher Credits: Skytap Music
Performance Credits: Cook-Nosaty and Hunter
Song Length: 8:13
Primary Genre: Unique-Children
Secondary Genre: Spoken Word-General
Tempo / Feel: Tempo Undefined
Lead Vocal: Mixed Vocals
Subject Matter 1: Dinosaurs
Subject Matter 2: Earth
Language: English
  Listen to the Bones

Judy Cook and Swingset-creepy crawly